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Work from anywhere with Cloud Virtual Desktops

Are you considering moving IT to the cloud? Or have you started the move and run into some of the many potential complexities? Whether you are just starting to explore, are facing migration, or are making use of the cloud and want it to work more effectively for your business or non-profit, US Desktops can help you do it right.

Organizations call us when they need to:

  • Assess, Strengthen, and Monitor Cloud Security, including conducting IT security assessments and implementing cloud/on-site security solutions

US Desktops provides cloud virtual desktops and servers to entrepreneurial and mid-size organizations who want the latest technology at an affordable price.

  • Health Care

  • Finance

  • Law Firms

  • Manufacturing / Retail

  • Non-Profits

  • Professional Services

Industries We Serve

Benefits of Working with Us

US Desktops offer benefits to companies and nonprofit organizations through cloud computing, including:

  • The ability for staff to work from anywhere, and easily share data across offices.

  • A single monthly fee for all cloud services, eliminating capital expenses for hardware and software, and enabling charge breakdown by cost center.

  • Comprehensive data security for cloud virtual desktops, with all data stored in the public or private cloud, and no data stored on potentially vulnerable devices.

  • Automatic Secure Backup for US Desktops private cloud clients, using encryption and two-factor authentication.

  • Updates on your schedule, so your operating system and applications stay up to date, without interfering with your operations.

  • The option of having a replica of your cloud data sent to your site

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