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Case Study:

Public Cloud Migration for a Multinational Nonprofit

Client Profile

A 25-person multinational nonprofit firm with operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the United States, running multiple systems for accounting, email, and file sharing on five continents.


The client needed to migrate email, files, and security from the Microsoft cloud to the Google cloud. They needed an IT provider who could co-ordinate with all their users globally, and could plan and perform a global migration while maintaining security privileges, data integrity, and productivity. Most client employees are experienced executives who deal with senior government officials worldwide.


We performed an initial migration of client data from Office 365 to Google Apps.  Then we created user documentation and conducted tests with one user in each continent to test the migration of data, security privileges, and documentation.  After the successful test, we notified the entire organization of the planned migration date, provided documentation in advance, and scheduled user support and training sessions.  We then performed a final synchronization of data and performed the cutover.


Staff in all offices were migrated simultaneously, and due to the planning, all were migrated successfully. After the migration all staff were trained, and had their desktops / laptops and smartphones migrated. 

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