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Public cloud solutions allow you to convert most of your IT capital budget into an operating expense. You can pay as you go, and scale as your company grows.

Using the public cloud reduces the need for internal IT expertise and support for your organization. However, a different set of rules applies in the public cloud, because it’s a multi-tenant environment.

If your in-house IT team does not have the experience or resources to handle those differences in function, US Desktops can help.

  • Migrating a 15-person firm onto Office 365 will take about 20 challenging hours.

  • Common migration problems can result in loss of old employee emails, contacts, and calendars.​

  • Migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps or Office 365 is even more complex

Did you know?

We can take care of configuring your cloud environment, or cloud services, consistent with your specific needs and requirements:

Configuring Public Cloud Applications

Public cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox, may be set up by the cloud provider, but they still require configuration. US Desktops can handle such functions as seamlessly migrating users and data, setting up shared calendars/folders, setting up user security, data retention and backup policies, and others.


Configuring Public Cloud Servers

When moving to a public cloud provider—whether Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM BlueMix/Watson, or others—there are a huge number of choices to be made. Public cloud providers offer menus with hundreds of different services, packages, and configurations, each with their own fees, service levels and security considerations.


Migrating to the Cloud

In addition to setting up your cloud solution, you will need to migrate your users and their data to that solution. Neither Microsoft nor other cloud providers typically provide that kind of support. Yet the consequence of mistakes in migration can be lost data and non-connected employees. We can lay out a detailed migration plan, to the public or private cloud, or a hybrid, and can implement every step if desired.


Managing Your Cloud Server

Cloud server solutions still require IT server support services that are similar to those needed with in-house servers. Once your public cloud system is in place, US Desktops can manage your cloud server for you. We track all alerts received. When we spot an issue, we resolve it for you.

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