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Public cloud systems may not include security capabilities as an automatic part of their services. Even if they do offer security, they will leave it to you to turn it on and configure it.


Taking care of that vital task is just one of the cloud IT security services that US Desktops offers.

  • Anti-malware software (anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- ransomware)

  • Firewall

  • Website filtering

  • Multiple monitoring systems providing email alerts for software or equipment failure, low disk space, failed backups, etc.

  • Resolution of most alerts

  • Scheduled updates of all security technologies

Full Cloud Security with US Desktops

​If you are in the healthcare, finance or retail industries, and require extra security, we can provide it, in either the public or private cloud. We also offer the option of two-factor authentication via smart phone, in addition to user ID and password, for greater security. 


US Desktops also offer security advantages for end users:

  • Automatic back-up minimizes the risk of data loss

  • Only screen images are sent to the local cloud desktop device. Your data cannot be accessed even if an end-user device is lost or stolen

  • If a laptop fails when an employee is on the road, they can access their virtual desktop from another device

With US Desktops private virtual desktops, all communications between servers and your devices are encrypted unless this is specifically disabled.


IT Security Assessments


US Desktops can conduct risk assessments required by companies that handle data regulated by HIPAA or PCI, or to obtain cybersecurity insurance, and correct any security vulnerabilities identified.

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