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Once you go beyond standard apps like Microsoft Office 365, the public cloud may not be an attractive choice. Cloud providers may not even mention hosting applications such as SAP Business One online. You may have to use (and pay for) more server capacity than actually needed to host the application—and then pay for an equal amount of excess back-up capacity.


Bring your software licenses with you to US Desktops, and we will provision a private cloud for you at the capacity level you need.

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Here are some examples of how we can host applications in the “private cloud” at US Desktops data centers:

SAP Business One

If your executives need "anywhere" access to your SAP databases and applications, US Desktops can migrate those from multiple offices onto a single cloud server environment in the US Desktops data centers. One client’s executives can now use their Mac or Windows laptops to access SAP applications from our cloud desktops from anywhere in the world.

AutoCAD or Photoshop 

These files are extremely large and tremendously resource intensive. Organizations frequently have difficulty in sharing them with people in different locations; most cloud providers don’t support AutoCAD due to its resource demands. 

If you need AutoCAD or Photoshop file hosting, US Desktops can support you using our cloud desktops.  With a fast internet connection, multiple users can access the same AutoCAD or Photoshop files from different locations. Only one person at a time can make changes; when they are done, the next person can immediately access the updated file without waiting hours for a file transfer.

Broker Dealer Systems

Broker dealers must provide a comprehensive business continuity plan to regulators, and maintain data for years.  If you lose access to systems in a disaster recovery situation, it could take days to authenticate a new computer and new IP address with the clearing house. By using our cloud desktops, you can pre-authenticate your systems, and have multiple users share access to the business continuity systems. When we replicate your data for uploading to our cloud servers, we can also configure the seven-year data backups and auditing files required by regulators

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