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US Desktops’ private cloud solutions are ideal for entrepreneurial companies that need sophisticated IT capabilities but would rather focus their time and money on their business than on IT.

With our cloud virtual desktops, you can:

  • Add technology as fast as you add people

  • Avoid capital outlays—pay for your technology on a monthly basis

  • Provide secure access and high availability for customers and employees, without having to grow your IT staff to make it all happen

US Desktops handles set-up, and maintains backups, redundancy, security, and upgrades to suit your requirements.



  • Migrate your Windows™ business applications, data, and Active Directory from your servers to our private cloud

  • Maintain a VPN (secure private network connection) to your workplace

  • Provide fast cloud server and desktop access from any computer or tablet.


Our cloud virtual desktops run on high-performance servers that allow them to function as fast as a physical desktop. 

Employees will experience almost the same performance over a mobile 4G or cable/DSL connection as from a high speed office connection. (Ask our Australian customer who connects to our US-based cloud virtual desktops).

Our staff have years of experience in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting high-performance computing environments. As with our public cloud solutions, we monitor all system alerts and make any adjustments required.

US Desktops’ cloud virtual desktops can run any Windows™ application, including such computing intensive applications as:

  • Adobe™ Photoshop

  • AutoCAD™

  • SPSS™

  • SAP™

  • Financial trading and GIS applications

We have worked with a variety of other software vendors, and can integrate with your network or server environment.

Run Any Windows Application

US Desktops Data Center

US Desktops has multiple United States data centers. Each provides:


  • Alert monitoring

  • Redundant internet

  • On-site generators

​As well as other capabilities you would expect.

We use a combination of:


  • VMWare™

  • Windows™ server software

  • HP Services

  • Cisco and Fortinet network security equipment 

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