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Case Study:

Private Cloud Solution for a Multinational Manufacturer

Client Profile

A 100-person multinational manufacturing firm with operations in Asia, Europe, and the United States, running multiple systems for SAP, CRM, inventory, logistics, Office, and file sharing on three continents.


The client did not have a way to synchronize data between offices in multiple countries. Their system lacked redundancy, so if a server failed, they could be down for days. Remote users were experiencing poor server performance.


US Desktops migrated the client’s data from multiple locations to a single data center in the Northeast United States. Our data center offers high speed internet connections both domestically and internationally. Redundancy was created, and servers were backed up and recoverable to a second data center. Server access was set up using the client’s existing Office365 email and user passwords


The client tested performance from Brisbane, Australia to our US data center compared with alternate cloud providers, and was pleasantly surprised. Executives are able to access critical enterprise data from wherever they are, even if they are mobile. Staff in each office are able to see the same information in the firm’s databases at the same time. It’s simple for them to access the system, as they can use the same userid and password that they use to log in to their Microsoft Office 365 email.

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