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Case Study:

Public Cloud Strategy for a National Nonprofit

Client Profile

A 300-person national nonprofit organization in the United States with a mission-critical health and social services system that needs to run 24x7, and that integrates with multiple cloud emergency medical systems (EMS).


The client needed to migrate their homegrown EMS and billing system to two different cloud providers, and to connect these system as well as a fully redundant cloud integration solution with secure VPNs to their cloud providers to assure security for the healthcare data contained in the systems. The client was looking for a cloud strategy that would enable to configure this redundant solution, and would also replicate a copy of its data to its premises for legal reasons.


We assessed the client’s situation, then designed and implemented a cloud solution that enables our client to run its integration software and data warehouse in the Microsoft cloud, while using Doubletake Availability (now Carbonite Availability) to continuously replicate data to its premises. While the Microsoft Cloud already provides a high level of redundancy, the client now has a business continuity plan that allows them to switch the cloud solution to their premises in case there is failure in the Microsoft Cloud. They also have the ability to make and maintain backups for an extended period of time by backing up the replica copy of the database in their premises.


We configured the VPNs to the providers, then migrated the integration software and data warehouse to the Microsoft cloud using Doubletake Availability.  We configured backups within the Microsoft cloud, and then configured Doubletake to replicate changes back to the client’s premises.  The client has been satisfied with the Microsoft cloud solution and has not had any downtime since the implementation

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