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 US Desktops is a division of Corporate Power, Inc., founded in 1994. We are proud to be headquartered in New York, the business capital of the United States. New York attracts outstanding technical professionals from all around the world. We tap into this pool of talent to provide enterprise-grade consulting and cloud IT management, as well as high-quality cloud virtual desktops to clients around the world—in North America, Europe, and Asia.


We started by providing technology solutions on-site for entrepreneurial and mid-size companies. Over the years, desktops and laptops have become cheaper and easier, but business requirements—server, network, and security equipment and software—have become more complex and expensive to implement, increasing the costs of organization-wide IT solutions for our clients.


Our private cloud solutions enable small and mid-size companies to take advantage of our existing investment in cloud technology to get affordable business solutions with the latest software, security, and reliability built-in. Our public cloud support and management services simplify what can be a complex undertaking for our clients.

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